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Car Hire Kalives

If you want to meet the beauty of Halkidiki but without going far inside the Halkidiki peninsula, a car hire Kalives is a great choice! Kalives is a summer resort with an extensive beautiful beach, located between Olynthos, the ancient settlement of Olynthos and the village Gerakini, and is really close to Aghios Mamas and Gerakini beach! The exact name is Kalyves Polygyrou.

The beach of Kalives village is beautiful and sandy, crowded during the summer season and the village offers accommodation for every taste and every need.

The distance from Thessaloniki center, depends on the route that you will choose to take! If you choose the Thessaloniki – Moudania highway the distance is 75km and about 55minutes of drive. If you choose the Thessaloniki – Polygyros highway the distance is 84km but the scenery is picturesque and worth the drive!

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