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Car Rental Tips – Extra Tips

Keep in mind that the fuel is always paid by the customer. Some car rental companies will ask you to leave the tank filled at the same level that it was before renting, other companies provide a full tank and will accept it filled, which is the best way.

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Car Rental Tips – Extra Features

When you want to rent a car in Greece, check if the company provides extra features. Not all the car rental companies have extra features available, so ask to be sure. Don’t hesitate to ask if there are extra charges, because most companies do charge.

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Car Rental Tips – Regulations in Greece

There are certain regulations in Greece that before renting car you should know!

If you want to rent a car in Greece, you should know that it is permited for drivers between the ages 23 to 70, with an international driving license! Furthermore, the driver should have a driving experience of at least 1 year.

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Car Rental Tips – Parking

Thessaloniki is a great and very noisy city, where in the center is really hard to find a place to park your car rental. If you manage to find a small place on the street to park your car, be sure that there are no signs showing that it is forbidden.

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Car Rental Tips – Drivers in Greece

Usually you will hear that if you drive a car rental you should know that the drivers in Greece are nervous and the roads dangerous. Both of them have a hint of truth but it’s an exageration. Everywhere you go you will find nervous and calm drivers. If you go to the center of Thessaloniki, you will realize that being calm in such a traffic, is really hard.

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Car Rental Tips – Avoid fines

When you have a rental car, there aren’t many reasons to get fined! So here are some tips to avoid a fine:

Do not talk on the phone while driving! It is illegal in Greece, and the cost of the fine is 100€

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Car Rental Tips – Rural roads

The rural roads all over Greece are a little challenging for a driver with a car rental. You will find really narrow streets with damaged asphalt, in the countryside. In terretories where the villages are built in the mountains, the roads have many turns, are narrow and windy.

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Car Rental Tips – Highways

When you decide to visit Greece there are some things you need to know, not only about the car rental policies, but also about the roads you are going to cross. The highways in Greece are large and generally safe to drive. You can drive to thessaloniki and Peloponnese from Athens easily and without stress by using the highway.

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