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Car Rental Halkidiki

Α great opportunity to explore the beauty of Halkidiki peninsula, is with a car rental Halkidiki. Halkidiki is a very popular summer destination, located in Central Macedonia, in Thessaloniki prefecture. If you need a car hire in Halkidiki, we are here for you, offering many pick up and drop off point all around Halkidiki!

With a rental car Halkidiki is very fun and easy to explore, not only for the beautiful beaches and mountains of the peninsula, but also for the great ancient cities, where Aristotle, the famous Greek philosopher was born.

Halkidiki is located in the northwest of the Aegean Sea, and constitutes a large peninsula in the shape of a hand with three fingers. The first finger, which is the nearest to the center of Thessaloniki, is Kassandra, the second Sithonia and the third Agion Oros.

The two first fingers, are the most popular and most visited for summer vacations from all around the world. The beaches are of extraordinary beauty, with colorful landscapes and turquoise waters and you will be able to find all kind of beaches, from crowdy and cosmopolitan, to secluded and quiet.

Many destinations of great interest you should not miss the opportunity to see, are waiting for you to visit with a rental car!

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