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Car Rental Serres

If you are spending your vacation in Thessaloniki, don’t forget to visit the interesting cities around Thessaloniki, with great history, beautiful natural landscape and archaeological interest! Car rental Serres to visit, and enjoy the beauty of a different city just 89km away from Thessaloniki! Don’t get stressed about the rental car and where to find it, we offer many service points for you to be able to travel all around Macedonia!

Serres is a beautiful city, the capital of Serres prefecture and is one of the Greek cities with great history. Around Serres you will find many natural treasures, such as the cave Alistrati and the Agitis canyon, Lailia forest, lake Kerkini with the rare flora and fauna, Agion Anargyron valley, and of course beautiful Nigrita with the thermal springs.

Don’t miss the chance to visit the Amphipolis archaeological site, with the newly founded museum, the Acropolis of Serres, know as the tower of Orestis, or “Koulas”, built in 9th centrury A.C. You will find historical and architectural interest in Roupel Fortress, 42km from Serres city, many Byzantine churches and mosques, such as the old Cathedral, the churche of Saint George, Ahmet pasha mosque, Bezesteni mosque since 15th century that nowdays hosts the archaeological museum of Serres with findings, which date back to the Middle and Late Neolithic and after, and many unique architectural buildings like Nasioutzik.

You will definitely need a car rental Serres to visit and all the surrounding areas! When you reach Serres, don’t forget to taste the traditional loukoumia “akane”, bougatsa and touloumpaki!

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