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Katerini Beach

Katerini beach extends from Makri gialo till Nei Pori, a distance that covers more than 80km! The beauty of the beach, is due to the thin sand and the great scenery, where you will see green mountains, rivers, the sea and the sand in a unique combination! The exact name in Greece for the Katerini central beach is Paralia.

Very popular during the summer season, Katerini Beach in Pieria is a cosmopolitan sandy and wide beach, organized with all kind of services, water sports and places of entertainment. The waters are shallow, so it’s safe for children to play, and the European blue flag, indicates that the waters are crystal clear!

Why choose Katerini beach for your vacations with a rental car? The cosmopolitan life day and night and the relaxation, the great traditional cuisine of the region, the natural, archaeological and historical interest of the territory, the great variety of sport activities and of course the accommodation. Katerini beach offers all the types of accommodation to cover every need and every taste!

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