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Aristotelous Square Thessaloniki

When you visit Thessaloniki, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to visit the Aristotelous square Thessaloniki, that is the place where you will see the coupling of the classic architecture of Thessaloniki and the modern life style!

Aristotelous square is the central point of Thessaloniki, where you can enjoy a walk by the sea, and a coffee in one of the crowded coffee shops. It is the only open spacious place around the center of Thessaloniki where many events are taking place every year. In fact its one of the largest squares in Greece!

After the fire that almost destroyed the city center in 1917, the city was rebuilt with central point the Aristotelous square, with orientation that offers a view of Olympus mountain.

Following the contiuation of the square, to Aristotelous street, you will find the architecture very interesting, with many Venetian, Byzantine and Arabic elements!

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