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Car Rental Tips – Drivers in Greece

Usually you will hear that if you drive a car rental you should know that the drivers in Greece are nervous and the roads dangerous. Both of them have a hint of truth but it’s an exageration. Everywhere you go you will find nervous and calm drivers. If you go to the center of Thessaloniki, you will realize that being calm in such a traffic, is really hard.

If you are planning to visit the center of Thessaloniki be prepared, search for private parkings, or park your car a little far from the center. If your are planning to visit places near thessaloniki, you have nothing to fear of! Especially in the countryside, you will not sometimes not even cars on your way!

The roads, are just fine, but if you want to visit a village in a mountain, then yes to roads sometimes don’t even have asphalt. But that is the beauty of Greece! You will find a picturesque village in the middle of nowhere!

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