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Ladadika Thessaloniki

Ladadika Thessaloniki is a historical district in the city of Thessaloniki and it is divided in Ladadika and Ano Ladadika. The Ladadika territory is located near the port of Thessaloniki and it was for centuries the commercial center of the city. The rich history of Ladadika will fascinate you and the beauty of the picturesque streets will enchant you!

The name Ladadika, originates from the many shops that used to sell wholesale oliveoil (the Greek word is ladi). As the years passed, Ladadika district was a place of decay with brothels and taverns, that were the main reasons for visiting.

After several years of decline and abandonment, in 1985 Ladadika district was designated as an area of cultural value from the Ministry of Culture, by having an architectural style, maintained and protected.

Nowdays Ladadika is a great place where you will enjoy a walk in a site that is the same since 1917, you will taste some great traditional greek foods, and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the nightlife! The entire area is pedestrianized so you will enjoy a tranquil stroll!

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