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Thessaloniki Center

Thessaloniki center, is the heart of Thessaloniki, with a unique architectural and georgaphical beauty, and a rich history hard to compare with other cities! Aristotelous square is the most central place of Thessaloniki, while around the square, unfold beautiful neighborhoods and historical monuments, forming the center of Thessaloniki. Around Aristotelous square, the buildings are of great architectural interest like Stein Building, even the same Aristotelous square and the Thessaloniki center was designed by Ernest Hebrard.

After a walk around the largest square of Thessaloniki and a coffee in one of the many crowded coffee shops, you can take a walk by the Thermaikos Bay. If you go left, you will meet the beautiful White Tower of Thessaloniki, if you turn right, you will see the port of Thessaloniki and reach the picturesque neighborhood of Ladadika!

The whole neighborhood of Ladadika is pedestrianized so you can enjoy the streets, and the traditional food will excite you. In Ladadika neighborhood you will find the Museum of Ancient Greek, Byzantine and Post-Byzantine instruments and the Jewish Museum, and in the same territory the Cinema museum and the Photography museum. Next to Ladadika, the Valaoritou district is full of bars, nightclubs and cocktail bars for an unforgetable night!

The historic center of Thessaloniki is divided in quarters: Ladadika, Ano Ladadika, Frangomachalas, Kapani, Diagonios, Navarino, Rotonda, St. Sophia and White Tower. Most central point is a the unified area of Aristotelous Square and Ancient Agora Square, joined by pedestrian street Aristotelous. The main roads of Thessaloniki center are Tsimiski, Egnatia, Nike, Lagada, Olgas and Agios Dimitrios.

Don’t forget to walk along Tsimiski street which is beautiful, full of shops and people!

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